6 Key Nutrients Every Child Needs

They say being a parent is a full-time job, but in reality, it feels like it should be equivalent to TWO full-time jobs! When it comes to the health of your kids, you want to do everything possible to make sure they grow up strong and healthy.  Unfortunately, many of the standard recommendations, like having a tonsillectomy or taking a routine course of antibiotics may do more harm than good.

On the flip side, there are several things you can do to give your kids the upper hand when it comes to staying healthy and warding off the common cold, flu, or other bacterial infections. Not surprisingly, it starts with their diet.

6 Essential Foods For Your Kids

It probably goes without saying, but there is a HUGE difference between real food and processed ‘frankenfood,’ which is what we reach for when we’re in a hurry or on a tight budget. Ensuring your kids are consuming the right foods will provide their immune systems with vital nutrients to keep it working optimally.

  1. High-Quality Dairy and Animal Products – these contain rich sources of vitamins A, B, choline, and proteins their bodies need to build strong bones, a super-smart brain and keep the immune system in perfect shape.
  2. Sweet Potatoes – Another great source of vitamin A, these nutrient-dense root vegetables can be cut up, tossed with coconut oil and made into oven-baked French fries. Who doesn’t love a good French fry?
  3. Nuts and Seeds – We often forget about the health benefits of nuts and seeds. Leave out a bowl of their favorite nuts, add in a few pumpkin or sesame seeds, and finish it off with some fruit-juice-sweetened raisins; they will be gone in no time!
  4. Berries, Berries, and More Berries – As one of the most nutrient-dense fruits, you can basically give your kiddos carte blanche when it comes to eating these delicious fruits. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries contain a long list of essential nutrients, which makes it easy to say YES when they ask for a snack!
  5. Calcium Lactate – This particular form of calcium is precisely what the body needs to help build strong bones and teeth for a growing child. You can find it in almost every vegetable, but that’s kind of the problem – most kids don’t love cruciferous vegetables, dark, leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, or bok choy. This is one item we highly recommend supplementing to maintain sufficient amounts in the body.
  6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Until the antibiotic era, fish oil, specifically Cod Liver Oil, was the #1 choice for parents when their kids got sick. Not only do Omega 3 oils nourish the immune system, but they also feed the brain, the eyes, and keep the heart in tip-top shape. If your kids can easily swallow Omega 3’s, that great! If not, make sure they eat a few walnuts or some chia seed pudding every few days!

If you would like more information about how to keep your children healthy and vibrant, we’d love to help!



Happy Patients

I have had back issues most of my life. Since starting treatments with Dr Greg I have had no more issues. It's such a relief to be able to be physical at the high level I want to be. I am able to maintain wellness by seeing Dr Greg on a regular basis. Thank you Dr Greg!!

Michael L.

Hello! I just want to say that you are truly a healer! After leaving your office last Monday, I was more able to breathe, truly breathe - after having suffered all weekend to take a deep breath due to a "rib out of place" OK - if you say so....all I know is that, though I continued to have a bit of pain in my upper back and neck for a day or two, I could take wonderful, glorious deep breaths thanks to your treatment. Thanks again for all you do! Even if I do make many sound affects while you are treating me - "OUCH!!! Hmmmph!! Ughhh!! Really???" I truly appreciate your healing touch....


I have had Parkinson's Disease for 8 years.  I have developed arthritis in my back and hips. The stiffness of the Parkinson's and the arthritis has caused me a lot of pain. Because of that unrelenting pain I was unable to exercise. Exercise is an important part of pain management for Parkinson's.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Krapf I am feeling much better and his care has allowed me to begin exercising again, which has improved my overall well being. In the past I have been treated by physical therapists and orthopedists. Dr. Krapf's chiropractic manipulations have had an amazing impact on my health and happiness. I highly recommend Dr. Krapf to anyone who needs excellent chiropractic care and the many alternative therapies he offers. I would say he is magical!

When my friend received excellent care from Dr. Krapf, she recommended him to me. I have had gastrointestinal problems for nearly 50 years that have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease with lactose intolerance. All that, including unrelieved stress had made me unhappy and unhealthy. Today I am a different person with the help of Dr. Greg. The Gastro issues are practically nonexistent, my stress levels have plummeted, and my body is changing. I am so grateful for Dr. Greg and his healing hands.

Mary Ann L.

Our family have been patients of Krapf chiropractic for a few decades. We have several success stories archived. The most recent event involves our youngest son who is completing his senior year of high school. He has been a patient of Krapf Chiropractic (KCA) since birth. He has been an avid soccer player since the age of four and has sustained numerous injuries over the years. Dr. Krapf has successfully assisted in every recovery.

Most recently, he began complaining of his feet hurting while playing soccer. Both feet hurt - particularly the balls of his feet while running and cutting. He came to Dr. Greg with his complaint as this was seriously affecting his game. Dr. Greg evaluated the situation and decided a foot scan should be done. The finding was dropped arches. My son was fitted for orthotics. They arrived within days and he wore these as directed. Within a few short weeks he is now playing full games pain free.


I first called Krapf Chiropractic when my back was so bad that I couldn't get up off the floor. It's been a blessing to have Dr. Greg help me with my overall wellness and health! I find this to be a place where you are not a number and everyone cares. Mollie is always cheerful and reminds me to come. Erin is always smiling and helps relax me when I'm in pain. I would not be functioning if I did not have Krapf Chiropractic to keep me going. As I get older my appreciation deepens, especially when I see people around me who are suffering with back problems. If they only knew how helpful this is. I believe Dr. Greg treats the person not the symptoms. Thank you

Debbie B.

I've been lucky to have exceptional health care from the beginning. At the beginning, seventy-six-plus years ago, Hugh Rodgers brought me into the world in mother and dad's second-floor bedroom in our dairy farm home. Hugh's son, Hugh, Jr., practiced with his dad and beyond caring for my parents, he, also, cared for hundreds of others and me. Roughly forty years ago, a friend suggested I make an appointment with Richard Krapf for help with back-pain. Richard treated the pain that, often, was debilitating, and on Richard's death, his son, Greg became the second second generation to help me from one place to another. I'm grateful to Hugh, Hugh, Richard and, perhaps, most of all, to Greg.


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