Chiropractic for Headaches

At some point, we all experience headaches. But when they become more frequent, they begin affecting the quality of your life. Some can range from bearable and controllable, while others will stop you in your tracks and keep you locked in a dark room for hours.

No matter the reason or the cause for your headache, there's one thing that remains the same - it’s difficult to function when you have one, and finding relief is essential. Everything about your day is disrupted or put on hold - you’re unable to focus and get your work completed.

The only things you can focus on are how badly it hurts and somehow getting relief because taking medicine every 4 hours just isn’t doing the trick. So if you’ve been getting frequent headaches and you’re looking for a natural treatment plan, give us a call.


The type of headache you have often determines the cause of the headache.

The most common symptoms of headaches are:

  • Dull aching pain in the head and muscle aches
  • Pressure or pain in the front, top, or sides of the head
  • Irritability and inability to focus
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Dizziness

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common types of headaches. They are often caused by long hours in the same position, lack of sleep, poor posture, poor eating habits, dehydration, neck strains, stress, and hunger. These headaches are felt around your head and often described as a band squeezing your head. You may even have some soreness on your scalp.


Migraines are intense and usually accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to sound, smell, and lights. These headaches often send you to bed because they can be debilitating headaches that last for hours and sometimes for days. Unfortunately, no amount of pain medication is going to offer you relief.

Krapf Chiropractic Associates offers a variety of holistic treatments to help you get relief from your headaches and migraines without the use of medications.

How Does A Chiropractor Treat Headaches?

For the most part, most headaches occur because there is a misalignment in your spine, which is often the result of not supporting your head properly, for example, looking down at your phone and sitting in front of the computer. Stress and poor posture are the leading cause of misalignments. When there is a misalignment, it puts pressure on the nerves causing pain, discomfort, and headaches.

Chiropractic care is an effective natural treatment to the misalignment in your spine and helps to eliminate your headaches, so it doesn’t matter whether your suffering from stress headaches, migraines, tension headaches, or neck pain-related headaches relief is possible. But first, we’ll need to uncover the root cause of your headaches. This is an essential part of your treatment plan. Once we understand what’s triggering your headaches, we’ll better understand if it’s environmental, food allergies, or stress.

We want you to get the relief that you need so that you can begin living your life again.

I’ve developed a combination of knowledge and skill in chiropractic, nutrition, Chinese medicine, laser therapy, and craniosacral therapy that sets us apart from other chiropractors in our area—offering a variety of treatments that have been proven to be effective for treating most headaches. Some of these treatments include spinal adjustments, myofascial release therapy, craniosacral therapy, nutritional counseling, and laser therapy.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release helps to give you relief from chronic migraines. It involves applying gentle pressure to the affected area for a little bit. This will help to relieve stress and give you relief.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling will help to determine if there are certain foods that are triggering your headaches.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy promotes the natural healing process in your body, helping you to find healing.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is the manipulation of the joints in your skull, pelvis, and spine. The purpose is to release tension inside of your body and give you relief.

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As a holistic chiropractor, I focus on health and vitality, which ultimately leads to pain relief, healing, and a life filled with energy and good health.

If you are finally ready to get some relief and start living your life free and clear of pain, give us a call. We will be happy to schedule your appointment.

Happy Patients

I have had back issues most of my life. Since starting treatments with Dr Greg I have had no more issues. It's such a relief to be able to be physical at the high level I want to be. I am able to maintain wellness by seeing Dr Greg on a regular basis. Thank you Dr Greg!!

Michael L.

Hello! I just want to say that you are truly a healer! After leaving your office last Monday, I was more able to breathe, truly breathe - after having suffered all weekend to take a deep breath due to a "rib out of place" OK - if you say so....all I know is that, though I continued to have a bit of pain in my upper back and neck for a day or two, I could take wonderful, glorious deep breaths thanks to your treatment. Thanks again for all you do! Even if I do make many sound affects while you are treating me - "OUCH!!! Hmmmph!! Ughhh!! Really???" I truly appreciate your healing touch....


I have had Parkinson's Disease for 8 years.  I have developed arthritis in my back and hips. The stiffness of the Parkinson's and the arthritis has caused me a lot of pain. Because of that unrelenting pain I was unable to exercise. Exercise is an important part of pain management for Parkinson's.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Krapf I am feeling much better and his care has allowed me to begin exercising again, which has improved my overall well being. In the past I have been treated by physical therapists and orthopedists. Dr. Krapf's chiropractic manipulations have had an amazing impact on my health and happiness. I highly recommend Dr. Krapf to anyone who needs excellent chiropractic care and the many alternative therapies he offers. I would say he is magical!

When my friend received excellent care from Dr. Krapf, she recommended him to me. I have had gastrointestinal problems for nearly 50 years that have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease with lactose intolerance. All that, including unrelieved stress had made me unhappy and unhealthy. Today I am a different person with the help of Dr. Greg. The Gastro issues are practically nonexistent, my stress levels have plummeted, and my body is changing. I am so grateful for Dr. Greg and his healing hands.

Mary Ann L.

Our family have been patients of Krapf chiropractic for a few decades. We have several success stories archived. The most recent event involves our youngest son who is completing his senior year of high school. He has been a patient of Krapf Chiropractic (KCA) since birth. He has been an avid soccer player since the age of four and has sustained numerous injuries over the years. Dr. Krapf has successfully assisted in every recovery.

Most recently, he began complaining of his feet hurting while playing soccer. Both feet hurt - particularly the balls of his feet while running and cutting. He came to Dr. Greg with his complaint as this was seriously affecting his game. Dr. Greg evaluated the situation and decided a foot scan should be done. The finding was dropped arches. My son was fitted for orthotics. They arrived within days and he wore these as directed. Within a few short weeks he is now playing full games pain free.


I first called Krapf Chiropractic when my back was so bad that I couldn't get up off the floor. It's been a blessing to have Dr. Greg help me with my overall wellness and health! I find this to be a place where you are not a number and everyone cares. Mollie is always cheerful and reminds me to come. Erin is always smiling and helps relax me when I'm in pain. I would not be functioning if I did not have Krapf Chiropractic to keep me going. As I get older my appreciation deepens, especially when I see people around me who are suffering with back problems. If they only knew how helpful this is. I believe Dr. Greg treats the person not the symptoms. Thank you

Debbie B.

I've been lucky to have exceptional health care from the beginning. At the beginning, seventy-six-plus years ago, Hugh Rodgers brought me into the world in mother and dad's second-floor bedroom in our dairy farm home. Hugh's son, Hugh, Jr., practiced with his dad and beyond caring for my parents, he, also, cared for hundreds of others and me. Roughly forty years ago, a friend suggested I make an appointment with Richard Krapf for help with back-pain. Richard treated the pain that, often, was debilitating, and on Richard's death, his son, Greg became the second second generation to help me from one place to another. I'm grateful to Hugh, Hugh, Richard and, perhaps, most of all, to Greg.


A Holistic Way To Improving Your Health.

We look forward to working with you so that YOU can live a life of complete health and vitality! Get in touch with us today!

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