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About Krapf Chiropractic Associates, PC

Our Mission—Helping You Feel & Function Your Best

Krapf Chiropractic Associates, PC exists to serve those who are seeking alternatives to conventional healthcare. We serve people seeking wellness and the ability to function at their maximum capacity. KCA exists to help patients and, in turn, their families experience wellness and enjoy a higher quality of life.

We aspire to be the leading holistic healthcare center in Rochester, New York. We are known for our exceptional chiropractic care and alternative services. By creating a place of healing and calmness, our patients experience higher levels of wellness, increased energy, and an enhanced quality of life.

Taking a Patient-First Approach

We do this by thoughtfully identifying and selecting the products and services necessary for an exceptional level of care and making them available to every one of our patients. We engage patients in co-creating and developing a “partnership plan” to achieve outstanding patient results. We recommend and demonstrate self-care techniques and discuss lifestyle choices, and we provide education and information regarding holistic chiropractic care to our patients and the surrounding community.

Start Your Journey to Better Health

We’d love to meet you if you’re ready to optimize your well-being! Call Mollie today at (585) 427-2180 to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

About Krapf Chiropractic Associates, PC | (585) 427-2180